When Snufkin, our beloved 14 year old dog fell ill recently I immediately called Yael to come over and see what she could do to help him. Although not a youngster, Snufkin had been fairly happy and active until the previous week but he was clearly suffering and in a lot of pain and unable to move, stand, eat or drink.
After immediate treatment with acupuncture but with no improvement Yael arranged for us to go to a local vet surgery for further tests.
We discovered that Snufkin had advanced cancer of the spleen, was totally anemic and with a good chance that cancer could be in his liver too.
We sadly came to the decision that the best course of action for Snufkin was to say our goodbyes. The decision was heartbreaking for us and the children. Yael came to our house and while Snufkin lay in our arms she put him to sleep. I am so grateful for the love and care that Yael brings to all her patients and the family. The intimacy of the surroundings our house made our tearful farewell easier to bear.
Thank you Yael for being there to help us through it.

Lisa Benjamin Erez

Coming from a family with a bunch of conservative medics, a scientist myself, I was the last person to trust alternative medicine. However, a couple of years ago my black lab Sheri, diagnosed with arthritis at age 5, became so bad she could hardly complete a short walk around the block. She struggled with every step, like an old lady with a walker.
When the anti-inflammatory medications did not help and a joint replacement surgery became one of the considered options, our vet recommended turning to Yael. I was very skeptical, but having nothing to lose, we started Yael’s acupuncture sessions, and followed her advice to enrich Sheri’s diet with home-prepared food. For the first couple of weeks I was still doubtful, but then Sheri’s heavy limping started to ease. Today, at 12 years of age, Sheri is joyful, energetic and loves chasing her ball. Whenever the weather allows, we enjoy long walks on the rocky Shmurat Habaron trails.
The situation had almost reverted to what it was like years ago – she would occasionally start limping, but recover within a few days. We still visit Yael for “maintenance” every one-two months or whenever limping returns. In fact, my trust in Yael had grown to the point I turn to her for help and advice with any problem coming out and I warmly recommend her anyone I know.


It’s been just over three weeks since I first brought Barney, our 8.5 year-old cat, to you for treatment.  Today, we can’t believe he’s the same cat of three weeks ago.
You spent some time with us explaining things and talking about the net effect of this injury on his body and his vital organs.  Then you gave him an acupuncture treatment combined with the use of natural agents to help his body heal.  After the first treatment Barney was a changed animal.
After the second treatment Barney was both energetic and happy and his appetite increased.  We changed his diet, as you recommended and once he got used to eating differently he became a much better eater.
Now, after three treatments Barney is amazing!  He runs around the house, plays with the other cat and eats like he’s never been fed in his life.  lol.  His appetite is huge, yet he isn’t fat and slow as he was with the dry food we used to feed him.  With his new diet of fish and vegetables his coat is shiny, his eyes are clear and bright and his attitude is wonderful.  He’s a NEW CAT!
Thank you, Ya’el for the wonderful care you’ve given our pet and for the time you’ve taken to explain so thoroughly what is going on in his body and how best to deal with it without the use of conventional medicine. You have been a treasure to us!

Nurit Amichai

Iceman very relaxed during his weekly treatment.
What a surprise to discover that he seemed to enjoy so much the moksha.
I can definitely say that his coat looks much much better, because he is cleaning himself more often. Today was his fourth session.
And last but not least, since I started to treat him holistically I stopped feeding him dry kibble, he eats mainly raw and some super premium canned food.


I was looking for a holistic veterinarian for a long time. I was doing my own research on the web, in books and during my travels abroad, I learned a lot, but sure, this was not enough. This changed when I met Yael.
3 months ago I decided to take Lucca my 6 year old pit bull to Yael. Lucca suffered from a variety of ailments such as red rashes on her belly and in her armpits causing her to scratch and bite herself, urinary tract infection, leaking bladder, oozing furuncles, eye infection and serious anxiety.
Afer just a few months of treatment using Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture there has been an enourmous improvement in her health and stress levels.
I hope that people who are going through these kind of problems with their pet, will be thankful for the information, so as I would have been had I stumbled on such a review.
Just know that there are other ways out there,to deal with chronic diseases. I am happy I did’t give up on her, and I am full of hope once again.
Yael has been amazing.


Dr Yael BaliHi. I am Yael Bali, a veterinarian certified in several holistic complementary medicine modalities. I studied in Mexico and the USA and am committed to an integrative approach of veterinary medicine. I treat patients from all over the country in my clinic in Zichron Yaacov. If you would like to receive an holistic approach when caring for your beloved pets then please call me or mail me. sig

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