Bioregulatory Medicine

Bioregulatory Medicine for Animals

Veterinary bioregulatory medicine, also known as homotoxicology, explores the biological processes of the body responsible for maintaining good health and balance. It defines disease as the body’s effort to regain good health and considers symptoms such as pain, fever and diarrhoea as the expression of this process. Furthermore it recognizes the importance of the intracellular and extracellular space as a dynamic structure where defense mechanisms and enzymatic and metabolic processes are regulated.


Homotoxicology relies on the use of complex biological formulas which were developed by a German doctor, Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, in 1952. Since its inception the homotoxicolgical approach to disease has gained support both in human medicine as well as in veterinary medicine, as it is highly accessible for doctors practicing either conventional or complementary medicine.


Reckeweg’s formulas work synergistically to stimulate the animals body inherent capacity to heal itself, by joining into a complex set of bioregulatory mechanisms to improve cell metabolism and restore body functions, enhancing the healing process in animals such as dogs and cats.

Reckeweg consideres that the effects of poor nutrition, together with an increased toxic burden, are devastating and take a massive toll on people and animal’s health. Toxins can be either external (ie: germs, chemicals) or internal (as a result of the body’s natural metabolism). As toxins accumulate in the body, disease develops from a series of responses initiated by the self-healing predisposition of the body to eliminate toxins or control their effect. He concluded that all toxins must be expelled from the body in order to regain and then retain good health.

The use of homotoxicological formulas alone, together with other complementary modalities such as acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, have been shown to have a significant positive effect on humans and animals. Treatment plans vary according to the patient’s condition. Healing usually occurs in organs of major importance followed by those of lesser importance and in relation to the disorder. Experience shows that bioregulatory medicine works well and helps improve the health of both humans and animals.

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